Degiro broker erfahrung

degiro broker erfahrung

vor 3 Tagen Wir testen den Online-Broker DEGIRO. Dabei schauen wir, ob der aggressiv expandierende Anbieter auch für Kleinanleger interessant ist. Jan. Billigbroker Degiro erobert die EU: Erfahrungen! Zuletzt aktualisiert Von Anfang an sticht Degiro mit sehr moderaten Gebühren hervor. Das Online-Depot von DEGIRO im Check: Ausführlicher Test des Online Brokers, der Handelsmöglichkeiten und der Gebühren für den Wertpapierhandel.

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DEGIRO Broker Österreich im Vergleich This is just to congratulate the author of this post for belonging benfica lissabon fluch a superior country and a superior race. Looks like all the banners Lynx put on this website has influenced the opinion of this blogger. This is a realistic scenario because there are plenty of keyboard loggers that will not be detected by virus scanners. And what do the different share categories A, C, D… mean? Everything you find on Brokerchooser is based on reliable data and unbiased information. Compare research adv cash gebühren and cons. ETF from the list. Unpredictable what they online spiele kostenlos do. How should I read my portfolio page at Degiro? Also, if you hold some amount in your account on 1 January each year, then you need to pay 0. Was hard to convince them to correct their mistake.

This article was writen by a illiterarte! Amterdam trader make me a favour go fuck yourself and vote to Geert Wilders fucking racist!

I like that funny fella. Some news about All Options: Goldman Sachs want to have only clients with high turnover, and not locals like All Options!!!

The post about the current situation at AOI seems accurate operational wise. Pretty sure he made money on Imtech though. I am not that worried about him, but am curious to see how he will be able to continue being MM with the current limtations.

Fact is most if not all here can only dream of the money he has generated and thus was also able to burn…. All true, but a big part of the money he made was thought out by others Altana or was pure luck Volkswagen.

Any gloating i think has more to do how he treated many people over the years, so for that he only has himself to blame. Seriously, Allard made million with arbitrage claim vs stock in Imtech.

Passed all the tests and the case of IMC and got an offer. How is IMC Amsterdam as an employer? I keep reading about a highly toxic culture here and at sites like glassdoor or does this concern the US office?

Money is king, but there are more places to make money heard that the culture at Susquehanna is pretty good for example. Can someone provide some nuanced view?

For now it seems like a great opportunity. IMC Amsterdam is not making any money, it is a loss of time to work there.

Try getting into IMC Chicago instead or chose a trading company making some money. At Optiver I failed during the assessment. Thought Optuver and IMC were best in profit and systems?

Just stick with IMC. Even Tibra would do the job for ya. It takes a lot more intelligence to trade options in europe than it does to trade with thick trucking driving dropouts from michigan state and UoI.

Dit zal in de loop van het tweede kwartaal worden gelanceerd. Het is helaas niet mogelijk om producten op te zoeken via het zogenaamde Ticker Symbol.

This will be launched during the second quarter. Unfortunately it is not possible to search for products using the so-called Ticker Symbol.

Degiro does not take any responsibility if the systems does not work. At least I do not loose money by Binck and they are willing to compensate!!

Wilde een account openen maar na bovenstaande gelezen te hebben laat ik dit maar achterwege. Wanted to open an account but after reading the above, I have to leave it but omitted.

I gave them a call and apparently they are only route to the primary exchanges… In the US market share of exchanges is really fragmented and therefore SMART routing is essential.

I see this as another big disadvantage for US trading via DeGiro. Tax mess 1 Swedish banks report a number of things to the Swedish tax authority, and the Swedish tax authority uses these things to automatically calculate a lot of taxes.

For example, dividend amounts and foreign withholding taxes are automatically reported to the tax authority, so I do not need to report my dividends or request deduction of foreign tax myself.

De Giro tries to attract customers in Sweden, so it would be very beneficial for them to do this. If you have to spend a lot of time on filling in tax forms, paying slightly higher fees may be a better option.

This has two implications: Each sale of your holdings in the investment fund needs to be reported on a separate line in your income declaration, and you need to calculate the purchase value, sale value and profit and pay taxes accordingly.

The taxes should be close to zero, but it takes forever to do the necessary paperwork. This also needs to be reported to the tax authority, and you need to pay 0.

Also, if you hold some amount in your account on 1 January each year, then you need to pay 0. Lots of paperwork to do, and the tax may be quite high.

Tax mess 3 If I hold shares in a foreign company, I need to pay some dividend tax to the country of the company.

These taxes are usually defined in international treaties. De Giro does not reveal for which countries the correct tax will be deducted.

If De Giro charges a higher tax rate, but a different broker only charges the tax rate stipulated in the international treaty, then using the other broker sounds like a good idea even if De Giro might have minimally lower fees.

Tax mess 4 It says that other people may borrow my shares. If my shares have been borrowed by someone when it is time for dividend, then do I pay my foreign dividend tax in the country of the borrower or in the country of the company?

In this situation, I receive my dividend from the borrower, not from the foreign company. Affects which tax rate I should pay and which tax authority I should request a refund from.

Website mess 1 The website is messy and contradicts itself. For example, according to point 6. Also, if I am thinking of trying out a new service, I want to know how much it would cost to stop using the service and move all my holdings back to my current broker, should I not be happy with De Giro.

Website mess 2 The Swedish translation of the documents is poor and often difficult to understand. Hardly something that you would involve your broker in.

To get some clarity in what it means, I take a look at the Danish price list https: So if I want to know what the Swedish price list means, I apparently have to consult the Danish price list and translate it back into English.

This seems to mean that if a company needs more money and the shareholders receive rights to buy new shares, then it costs at least 50 euros to exercise the rights offers.

Looks very strange; most brokers handle this free of charge. Maybe the entry is meant to mean something else which has been mistranslated.

Due to all of these problems, I have not attempted to use De Giro yet as it might be a bad idea to do so. Oh well, it is easier to simply forget about De Giro, I suppose, but it would have been nice to get easy access to the Japanese market.

You have to see Degiro like a cheap prostitute and nothing else. Do not look for any class or style, they just do not have.

Started reading the article but stopped at the banana republic comment. Cannot take seriously anyone with such views.

Also a quick scan through the comments made me realise this is just a low-life blog for imbeciles. When your enviroment is safe ,ideal for trading , buissness or whatever is easy to trash on others which are in worst position that you , like it was their fault in the first place.

Like also no external factors influenced these economies and are now in deep issues.. Oh and jack its not a netherlands vs someone thing , its just some times is not good to make fun of people that have actual problems.

If you made same comment years ago no one would notice , now however its different story. My reaction was that simply is not polite to speak bad on people that have problems at the moment.

However no one is obliged to be polite , this is the internet and everyone is free to act as he wishes. Why are you bothered any way to convince me that i should not take this comment as non polite although i already did , and also the author understood that it might be offensive to some , is something that reveals you have a lot of time to get wasted for sure.

Offending countries better than yours is unworthy. For me is completely discredited your article with that introduction….

In addition to outdated. Move on already, next. Just wanted to share my experiences with Degiro in Germany. Cash transfers from and to the account works very fast for me next day since Degiro also uses the services of Deutsche Bank in NL.

They replied on the same day admitting the error and saying that I will get back the difference at the end of the month. After that I traded the product two more times and they still charged me to much for that.

I wrote an email again in the beginning of June and became again the answer that they will reimburse it by the end of the month.

I still did not get the money back. If somebody gets your password DEGIRO assumes that the hacker is only interested in transferring your money, which is not possible because it is tied to your bank account.

You can imagine the consequences! This is a realistic scenario because there are plenty of keyboard loggers that will not be detected by virus scanners.

Even facebook and gmail have 2-step authentification and this is a bare minimum for such a platform. Even a simple email link to confirm a transaction could increase security in a simple way.

The broker is extremely unfriendly in accepting money via banks, it takes so long to find the right bank so their back office that is extremely unprofessional to find the right information for the IBAN in order to confirm the opening of the account, i have already used 2 banks and i am still waiting…i have not seen a broker that you are sending money and is unable to accept them…bad…VERY BAD.

Op de payment date zal geconstateerd kunnen worden welk bedrag er bij de clearing is ingehouden aan belasting. Het belastingpercentage dat uiteindelijk wordt ingehouden, kan dan ook verschillen van het percentage dat in uw portefeuille overzicht wordt weergegeven.

Today, for example, my daily revenue looks to be a lot worse than what I count from the daily difference percentages.

So what am I missing here? What do those numbers stand for? I believe at HIQ the different share classes have different fees. Early investors and people who invest more get better deals.

I thought about daytrading myself, but in the end I decided it would be wiser and simpler to trust HIQ Invest with my money. Let me know if you find any good books on day trading and remember to send an extra copy to the HIQ offices.

Well, I still opened an account. Come on folks, wiring funds during business hours before 6 pm ought to arrive at least the next working days, even if you send to another EU country with IBAN.

So first impression on this is not too flattering. I truly hope this improves. To be fair, I have to say that they respond to emails pretty fast well, th March , when I asked 3 questions by email.

I can accept that and it seems a valid and legitimate reason. The speed they reply to emails is stunning and top-notch. Just signed up in the UK for the cheapness of trades.

Was shocked how poor the interface is and thats improved??! They really need to sort debit card instant transfers, bank transfer takes too long if you want to place a quick trade, Also need to sort ISA wrappers.

This is just to congratulate the author of this post for belonging to a superior country and a superior race. Let me recommend you a song by Brassens, just google: And of course, if you ever come to Greece or Spain, you will always be treated with hospitality.

You may add a problem with the withdraw of money. I am using deGiro from the UK. Transferring funds into your degiro account takes multiple days sometimes even a week.

Regardless whether you do a manual transfer or a direct payment via online banking via Sofort, it takes ages for the funds to hit your account.

The web based application is not perfect but is great i use other charting software. The login is a bit annoying username is in password format but overall its currently a really good platform.

They are selling my stocks from my portfolio without my permission!! And when i am trying to withdraw my money i have an error!!

Some of the profiles may not be available in some countries. The account opening is seamless, fast, and fully digital.

Your account will be ready in days. After the initial registration you will have three additional tasks before your account is activated and you can trade:.

On the other hand, you cannot deposit with credit or debit card. The base currency of your account is always the currency of your home country.

This means for example that you will have a GBP account registering at www. You cannot have more base currencies for one account.

However, you might be able to have a foreign currency account. This is not working for all countries. Why does this matter? DEGIRO ensures that the withdrawn amount is transferred back to your bank account within 3 business days.

We tested it and received the amount within one business day. More funding and withdrawal info. Even beginners can easily get around and buy stocks.

For example, if your register from Germany your platform language will be German. You can choose between a one-step or two-step login. Two-step login is available through Google Authenticator.

When you type the product name, a list of the products appear. They are separated by asset classes. You can select from several order types although not all of them are available for every tradable instrument.

The price alert function is also missing. The portfolio and fee reports are well organized. Visit web platform page.

You cannot search by asset class and it is also not signed at the results section. For example, if you type "Apple", you do not know whether you select an equity or an option.

The order management is the same to the web platform. Visit mobile platform page. From stocks to CFDs, you will find everything except forex.

The fund, bond, and CFD offers are average. You will find funds from the biggest names, like BlackRock or Vanguard. CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage.

You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

There is a basic news feed and a simple charting tool. The charting tool is rather basic, but enough for an execution only trading platform.

It is easy to use and comes with more than 20 technical indicators, but unfortunately, the charts cannot be saved.

Both in the web and mobile platform you have a basic news panel with short, but informative market news. Compare research pros and cons.

You can reach out to them in many languages and there is a great telephone support. The email support is mediocre. On the flip side, the information you can access about the company is limited.

To be certain, it is best to check two things: A negative balance protection is also provided for CFDs.

It has a 10 years track record. The longer the track record, the better. Longer track record means the company was able to manage financially tough time periods, like the financial crisis.

You may have some troubles if you are looking for more information about the company. The amount of financial information is quite limited compared to other brokers.

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Über die Hotline kann auch der Orderdesk erreicht werden und zu allen Fragen rund um das Ordermanagement Stellung nehmen oder Aufträge ausführen. Was ist erlaubt und wo liegen die Grenzen? Vor allem die Brokerage-Abteilungen von Regionalbanken sind bekannt dafür, die Hände beim Wertpapierhandel besonders weit aufzuhalten. Zur klassischen Ansicht wechseln. Oft wird die Recherche-Qualität von Medien kritisiert. Weiter kann man die Gültigkeit der Order festlegen — entweder tagesgültig oder unbefristet. Investoren bekommen schon beim Einloggen eine umfassende Übersicht zu ihrem Portfolio, aktuellen Indizes, offenen Orders, ausgeführten Transaktionen sowie zukünftigen Dividendenzahlungen. Aber auch mit diesem Einzahlweg wird es tischtennis 2 bundesliga damen bis zwei Werktage dauern, bis das Geld auf dem Parship fotos werden geprüft verfügbar wird. Dennoch sollten Verbraucher lieber zweimal nachrechnen. Anleger können sich direkt über Degiro für die Teilnahme an einer Hauptversammlung slots of vegas casino mobile. Die Schule ist oftmals nur Theorie und hat mit der Praxis wenig zu tun. Ich kann hier ganz einfach kick off deutsch simpel handeln und auf die Angebote verschiedener Börsen zugreifen. Wir konnten beim Bundesliga ab 2019 keine Mängel feststellen. Dieses ist geschützt und der Anbieter wird zudem reguliert. Für das Einwechseln oder das spätere zurück Wechseln werden häufig Gebühren fällig und unterliegen einem Fremdwährungsrisiko. Casino room erfahrung wie das immer so ist: In seiner Werbung verspricht der Broker günstigste Gebühren für die Orderausführung, die an deutschen Börsen deutlich unter denen der Konkurrenz grand eagle casino. Immerhin geht es da um bares Geld, dass ich mir redlich verdient habe. Der Broker gilt als der europaweit günstigste Anbieter. Wie seriös ist der Anbieter? Aber auch mit diesem Einzahlweg wird es ein bis zwei Werktage dauern, bis das Geld auf dem Anlegerkonto verfügbar wird. Im Test hat sich die App als benutzerfreundlich und stabil erwiesen. Im Order-Formular kann man wählen zwischen vier verschiedenen Order-Typen: Für das Profil Trader werden einige Unterzeichnungen bestimmter Dokumente benötigt. Diese Leistungen sind mittlerweile sogar bei den meisten Discount Brokern kostenfrei. Dementsprechend finden Sie nun auch eine Feedback Funktion in der App. Auf andere Zahlungswege wie PayPal oder Kreditkarte wird derzeit verzichtet. Das kann ich somit verschmerzen.

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